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American Society
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Landscape Architecture is a profession concerned with the conservation of land, the development of land areas, the sensitive placement of structures and establishment of order and harmony toward achieving the most appropriate relationship between man and his environment.

The Landscape Architect is uniquely qualified to meet today’s environmental planning and design challenges by formal requirements of education, experience, and professional licensure examination. His special understanding of both human needs and conservation of natural resources, provide for the best natural and built environment.

Landscape Architects enhance the value of property by considering building orientation, views, slope, drainage, screening, and the natural environment. The proper placement and type of plant materials is as important as the placement of structures. The use of plant materials to create spaces, screening, energy conservation, shade, and color are skills of the Landscape Architect. The relationship of active and passive recreation in park design, the selection and placement of street trees in urban or residential settings and the integration of architectural design with the landscape design, are all a part of the landscape development process.

The following is a list briefly summarizing some of the professional services of the Landscape Architect:

Member: National, Alabama, and Florida Chapters of American Society of Landscape Architects